Oil Cooler with Steel Core

Steel Core Special Application Air Cooled Oil Coolers

Currently available in four models. ST series feature heavy duty steel fin cooling elements for high pressure low air side clogging applications or for the special requirements of underground coal mines. Available with standard or anti-static fans and flame proof electric motors for intrinsically safe applications.

ST series air cooled oil heat exchangers are used where the standard aluminium element type oil coolers are not acceptable for the following reasons.
• Circuits where higher pressures are expected to be encountered.
• Where the atmosphere or the process fluids are not compatible with aluminium.
• Where explosive environments prevent the use of aluminium. Eg :- Coal Mines.
• Where lower internal film coefficient is required for use with higher viscosity oils.
• Where heavy dust laden environments exist. These units have anticlogging fins.

Performance range to 2.4 kW/°C
Oil flows to 540 L/min.

For more information download the page from our catalogue.
ST Steel core coolers.pdf
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Oil Heat Exchanger Computer Model Selection Program – Information

Heat Exchanger Computer Model Selection Program

The latest version of our Dynacool heat exchanger computer selection program now provides quick and accurate selection of most of our standard models of air cooled package exchangers, mobile air cooled and water cooled models. A new easy find instruction manual is now also available.

Click on the link below to contact our sales office for a copy of our latest CD (includes PT5 and DC200 catalogues) – Send me a Heat Exchanger Selection CD

Download a copy of the Dynacool Heat Exchanger Selection Program


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