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HAIGHT – Rotary Gear Positive Displacement Oil Pumps


Series U – Universal Pumps
The Universal pump design combines the innovation of the Universal shaft seal, the rugged simplicity of Haights proven “gear within gear “internal gear configuration, with the flexibility of a bolt-on, integral relief valve. This combination of pump features offers pump users unsurpassed flexibility to adapt their pump to changing system requirements.


  • Universal relief valve – can be added at any time.
  • Pump can be used for either suction or return applications.
  • Gear within Gear design – since 1937 this design has demonstrated its effectiveness in a broad range of applications.
  • Universal shaft seal – the pump can easily be converted from lip to mechanical or packed gland without disconnecting the piping.

Superior High Viscosity Rotary Gear Pump Features
Input drive at the inner gear provides a built in gear reduction which means less cavitation at standard motor speeds. The inner gear drive design also permits a bearing to be provided on either side of the drive shaft this provides a balanced rotor design. These features make the Haight pump superior for high viscosity pumping. The same features also offer increased life through lower rotor surface speeds and better bearing support. Most other rotary gear pumps have input drive at the rotor which increase risk of cavitation, rotor wear, rotor side load and higher bearing loads.

  1. Patented Haight Gear and Rotor for more efficient Positive Displacement pumping.
  2. Three Tooth Contact for smoother uninterrupted pressure discharge.
  3. Extra Deep Meshing of Gears reduces noise and avoids trapping.
  4. “Bolt on” reversible relief valve system for greater bypass versatility and simple field conversion
  5. Pipe Plug type auxiliary port for tank return relief or for extra circuit installations.
  6. Top quality cast ductile iron bodies are standard with Gramix iron bearings.

We stock 11 basic model displacements are available ranging from 3.4 to 179.4 cc per rev (sizes 1UR through 80UR). Drive arrangements include base mount or flange mount. All models are available with internal or external bypass relief bypass valve systems. Viton or Mechanical seals are available on request.

5U5U01001 Double Pump 2


In addition to our standard stocked 11 models of cast ductile iron internal gear pumps Haight offers an additional 10 models.  These range in size from 12.87 cc per revolution (6EUR) to the largest 518.6 cc per revolution (240UR).  For specialty applications Haight pumps can be upgraded with a wide range of seals, as well as various bearing materials and iron hardnesses.  Plus for further application range they offer cast 316 SS internal gear pumps, Cast Bronze internal gear pumps, custom built dual flow pumps, skeleton pumps, magnetically coupled pumps, and barrier seal pumps.  Haight also offer a range of centrifugal pumps in 316 SS, NI/AL/Bronze, and Duplex 2205 SS construction.

For more information download the page from our catalogue.
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DYNACOOL Catalogue
HAIGHT website


Pump Package with EX-D motor zone 1

Motor Pump Package with Explosion proof motor

This is a custom compact and fully set up pump and motor package ready to mount. You just bolt it down and connect the plumbing. The Haight pump is driven by a EX-D motor. The pump and motor are connected by an aluminium bell housing and a keyed coupling. Both pump and motor can be easily removed for replacement or maintenance.

Motor – 0.75Kw 6Pole CL”F”EX-D Zone 1, IP66, T4 class
Bell Housing – Aluminium
Foot Bracket – Powder Coated Zinc steel
Oil Pump – Haight 15UR (34cc) with mechanical seal and 4 Bar pressure relief valve
Weight 55kg

If you would like a custom pump package similar to this one call our sales team on 0266818800

Haight package

HAIGHT – Rotary Gear Pump and motor packages

Haight pump and electric motor packages come complete with pump, electric motor, base plate, flexible shaft coupling and bell housing.

Haight pump and electric motor packages are available with 4 pole 415 volt AC electric motors ranging from 0.55 kW to 4 kW. Units with 6 or 8 pole motors can also be supplied on request as well as single phase 4 or 6 pole motors in sizes to 2.2kW. The standard motor rating is IP55 class F insulation. Motors with special specifications can also be supplied (eg flameproof).

For more information download the page from our catalogue.
HAIGHT pump package.pdf
Compact Pump Package

Want a customised pump and motor package? Here is a sample EX-D project.

Haight foot mount options1 copy

HAIGHT – Rotary Gear Pump with Foot Mounting

OEM manufacture and stock a range of optional foot mount brackets for the Haight U series pumps. These foot mount brackets can be used to align the pump shaft with a foot mounted electric motor.

Haight 40UR pump with SAE B flange

HAIGHT – Rotary Gear Pump with SAE flange mounting

These optional Hydraulic interface flange can be used where you want to adapt your Haight pump to a SAE Hydraulic mounting like a bell housing.

Available in
2 bolt SAE A for Haight pump sizes 1 through to 8
2 bolt SAE B for Haight pump sizes 10 through to 40

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