Right Angle Bevel Drives

Right Angle Bevel Drive

OEM Dynamics have been a distibutor of HUB CITY bevel drives in Australia since 1976. The range shown in our catalogue are the basic models in straight and spiral bevel which we stock in Australia. Numerous other variations are available on an indent basis.

Bevel Gear Drives transfer power at 90°. Generally this power is transferred at a 1:1 ratio with relation to speed. However these gear drives are capable of increasing or reducing speed depending on the gear ratio used.

Shaft rotation is determined by the relative location of the gears. Right hand (clockwise) or left hand (counter clockwise) rotations are determined by viewing the end of the shaft. Pinion shaft can be rotated in either direction.

Bevel gear drives are selected on the basis of speed, ratio, power and torque. For quick selection refer to the “POPULAR MODELS” in our catalogue. Select the ratio, power in kW and input speed required.

Both Straight and Spiral bevel drives are available. Straight bevel drives are suitable for lower input speeds while spiral bevel drives are suitable for higher input speeds due to their quietness and smoother gear meshing action. They are also generally able to handle higher power but are more expensive than straight bevels.

Bevel drives have pinion shafts and cross shafts. Normally the input is at the pinion shaft.

For more information download the page from our catalogue.
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