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CNC machined components

Here is a bunch of custom CNC machined components that went through our machine shop this week. All made on our Okuma CNC lathes. The internal and external splines were cut in our gear shapers. These components are 1045 steel.

With our Okuma Multus we can drill holes angled holes for lubrication etc as shown in the photo below.

If you would like us to quote some machined product call our sales team on 0266818800

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Pump Package with EX-D motor zone 1

Motor Pump Package with Explosion proof motor

This is a custom compact and fully set up pump and motor package ready to mount. You just bolt it down and connect the plumbing. The Haight pump is driven by a EX-D motor. The pump and motor are connected by an aluminium bell housing and a keyed coupling. Both pump and motor can be easily removed for replacement or maintenance.

Motor – 0.75Kw 6Pole CL”F”EX-D Zone 1, IP66, T4 class
Bell Housing – Aluminium
Foot Bracket – Powder Coated Zinc steel
Oil Pump – Haight 15UR (34cc) with mechanical seal and 4 Bar pressure relief valve
Weight 55kg

If you would like a custom pump package similar to this one call our sales team on 0266818800

DC35L_07742news (7)

Custom Cooler with dust screen

Custom Oil Cooler – this is one of our DC35L coolers fitted with a customer supplied 112 frame 24v DC motor. The cooler has been modified to have a hinged dust screen and dual circuit core. Engineered to suit our customer application and heat load.

Customisations include:-
Dual circuit core
Hinged dust screen for easy cleaning

Cooler Details
Base Cooler Model: DC35L
Cooler Finish: Powder coated
Fan: 900mm diameter 12 blade
Cooling element: Dual Circuit Aluminium
Screen: Stainless steel heavy duty mesh, hinged for easy cleaning, secured with ANTILUCE fasteners
Motor: customer supplied 24v DC 112 Frame 6 pole speed


Apprentice Of the Year

On Wednesday 20 May 2015 Jacob was presented with North Coast Tafe Award of Excellence – Stage 3 Engineering Mechanical Apprentice of the year award and medallion. Jacobs was supported at the awards night by his family and ½ dozen workmates.

Congratulations Jacob – an outstanding achievement.





Bronze Sleeve for Milwaukee hydraulic cylinder

Bronze Sleeve – These bronze sleeves were machined as a replacement part in a Milwaukee hydraulic cylinder. Our customer supplied a sample. There are o-ring grooves and a wiper seal journal.

Material: Bronze 90% LG2
Outside Dia: 117.5 mm
Length: 105.3 mm
Finish: machine finish
Machine: Okuma Multus

If you have a replacement part that you would like us to machine call our sales team on 0266818800.


Vertical Mounted Hydraulic Oil Cooler

A small twist on one of tried and true performers.

Our customer required a cooler with the performance of our VC4 but vertically mounted. Our Engineering team designed a vertical foot mount for the VC4 cooler with clearance under the cooler for connection to the cooler ports. Some applications for vertically mounted coolers are air after coolers and mobile equipment.

Cooler Details
Base Cooler Model: VCL4XAC50
Cooler Finish: Standard VC colour – Powder coated
Cooling element: model 21/04778 Aluminium, rated to 14Bar
Fan: 8 blade
Motor: IP56 2 Pole 0.37kW
Vertical legs: 2mm Zinc plated steel – Powder coated

If you have an application that requires a customised cooler contact our sales team on 0266818800


Compact Motor Pump Package

Motor and Pump package –
OEM has developed a compact and fully set up pump and motor package ready to mount. You just bolt it down and connect the plumbing. The Haight pump is driven by a mini orbit hydraulic motor. The pump and motor are connected by an aluminium bell housing and a keyed coupling. Both pump and motor can be easily removed for replacement or maintenance. Has been used by a customer for pumping a bitumen product.

Bell Housing Material: Aluminium
Coupling: 16mm to 1/2″ keyed steel
Foot Bracket: 2mm Zinc coated steel
To suit Haight pump sizes 1 through to 8
Can be supplied with or without the mini orbit motor

For more information call our sales team on 0266818800

Personnel Fan with Hydraulic fan drive

The DYNACOOL Personnel Fan is driven by a hydraulic motor and is ideal for providing air ventilation in dusty and challenging environments. The construction has no aluminium, no electrics and an antistatic fan making it suitable for underground mining use or other environments where hazardous rating regulations exist.

Order Code: 66/01/04913

Motor Model: MM12.5 Mini Orbit Hydraulic Motor
Body: Cast iron
Rotating Parts: Steel

Sheet metal: Zincanneal Steel
Fan Guards: Zinc plated steel wire
Finish: Powder Coat “Black”

Fan Blades: Anti-Static Glass Reinforced Polyamide (PAGAS)
Fan Blade Retainers: Steel
Fan Hub : Steel

Weight – 10kg

A MM 8 Mini Orbit Hydraulic Motor is also available.

Please consult our sales office on 0266818800


personnel fans news

U drive gearbox

U drive gearbox. Also known as a Drop box. Engineered and Manufactured at our Ballina facility from a standard Technodrive AM216 gearbox and custom made parts to suit our customers tight space requirements. We have supplied several variations of these drives and the AM216 has proven to be robust and reliable.

Base Gearbox Model: Technodive AM216
Ratio: 1 to 1
Output 1: SAE D pump pad
Output 2: SAE A pump pad
Input: 13T 8/16 splined shaft

Call our sales team today if you enquiry for a custom drive. Ph 0266818800

DC70 customised oil cooler

Hydraulic Oil Cooler with Vertical Air Discharge – Our DC70 series oil coolers were developed for use in large oil cooling applications in high ambient conditions. These Coolers are equipped with 2 manifolded aluminium cooling elements manifolded for parallel oil flow. This cooler was built as a direct replacement for an existing cooler.

Applications Include
Hydraulic power systems
Large compressors for oil and / or compressed air cooling
Closed loop water cooling in large dynamometer testing rigs
Crusher lubrication systems.
Large gear drive lubrication oil cooling.

Cooler Details
Base Cooler Model: DC70
Cooler Finish: 2 pack, 3 coat epoxy, 250 micron, Colour – Green G22
Cooling element: Aluminium
Fan: 990mm Diameter with Aluminium hub blades
Motor: 132 frame 6Pole 5.5kW Exe IIC T3 IP56
Connections: 4 inch ANSI flange

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