Oil Coolers with Coaxial Pump

Oil Coolers with Coaxial Pump

These units are most effective as an add on for hydraulic circuits as well as cooling gear drives. The most common application is for hydraulic circuits where there are sudden oil flow changes with cylinders where flow surges and spikes from cylinder operation do not allow the use of the cooler in the main circuit due to the risk of cooler element damage. Use of this type of cooler with its own separate circuit will avoid this problem.

Pump Pressure – pump delivery pressure to 5 Bar*
Performance range to 1.4 kW/°C ETD*
Oil flows to 230 L/min.

For more information download the page from our catalogue.
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Oil Heat Exchanger Computer Model Selection Program – Information

* Higher pressure ratings available. Performance is based on ISO 68 hydraulic oil at 30cSt, for other fluids and viscosities please contact our sales office.

Heat Exchanger Computer Model Selection Program

The latest version of our Dynacool heat exchanger computer selection program now provides quick and accurate selection of most of our standard models of air cooled package exchangers, mobile air cooled and water cooled models. A new easy find instruction manual is now also available.

Click on the link below to contact our sales office for a copy of our latest CD (includes PT5 and DC200 catalogues) – Send me a Heat Exchanger Selection CD

Download a copy of the Dynacool Heat Exchanger Selection Program


Vertically mounted hydraulic oil coolers

A small twist on one of tried and true performers.

Our customer required a cooler with the performance of our VC4 but vertically mounted. Our Engineering team designed a vertical foot mount for the VC4 cooler with clearance under the cooler for connection to the cooler ports. Some applications for vertically mounted coolers are air after coolers and mobile equipment.

Cooler Details
Base Cooler Model: VCL4XAC50
Cooler Finish: Standard VC colour – Powder coated
Cooling element: model 21/04778 Aluminium, rated to 14Bar
Fan: 8 blade
Motor: IP56 2 Pole 0.37kW
Vertical legs: 2mm Zinc plated steel – Powder coated

If you have an application that requires a customised cooler contact our sales team on 0266818800

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