GUARDIAN Shaft to Shaft Couplings


Guardian Shaft to Shaft Coupling

GUARDEX Series “M” Flexible Shaft Drive Couplings

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OEM Dynamics stocks a large range of the GUARDEX Series “M” couplings. This double crowned tooth gear coupling provides free axial movement, low friction and minimum stress during misalignment. Lubrication free nylon sleeve. The steel hubs are available with round bore & keyway or SAE spline. Standard bore sizes from 11mm to 38mm, others available on request.

  • Double crowned tooth design provides free axial movement, low friction and minimum stress during misalignment.
  • Molded nylon sleeve with high torsional stiffness, free from any internal frictional losses or heat build-up. A torsionally stiff coupling with minimum backlash.
  • Nylon and steel components allow high ambient temperature operation without lubrication or maintenance. Continuous operating ambients of 82ºC and intermittent to 120ºC.
  • Nylon sleeves resistant to dirt, moisture, most chemicals and petroleum products. No lubrication, seals or retainers to maintain. Easy clean-up and visual inspection.
  • Compact and lightweight design with high torque and low inertia. Minimum shaft gap for close-coupled applications.
  • Precision molded concentric sleeve and hubs for high speed applications. No bolts, pins, flanges or protrusions to affect balance or safety. Smooth exterior surface.
  • Metric, Imperial, Pilot and Splined bores available.

Axial Displacement. +/- 1mm.
Parallel Offset. Should not exceed 0.4mm
Angular Misalignment. 1° per hub or total included angle of 2°
Axial Displacement. 5mm

For more information download the page from our catalogue.
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DYNAGEAR PT5 Catalogue

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