Flexible Rubber Element Coupling


Adaptive Rubber Element Coupling
Speeds to 4000RPM
Radial misalignment of up to +/-2mm
Tolerates dirty environments
Vibration and shock resistant

A new DG range of couplings has been developed using the DG Rubber Coupling Element. The couplings will be based upon the Clamplock and Taperlock range of shaft fixtures and utilize a much more flexible element than currently provided in our Flexilock range.
The DG coupling has been successfully used for many years in our DYNACOOL VT2041 tower coolers and have proven to be reliable in dusty and dirty environments.

SPLINED SHAFT CONNECTIONS. Just like our FLEXILOCK range the DG couplings include most of the splined shaft connections currently utilized on hydraulic pumps and motors including imperial and metric sizes. All splined coupling hubs feature our popular CLAMPLOCK lateral or axial positive locking mechanisms which secure the coupling hub solidly on to the pump shaft and eliminate the spline wear associated with unlocked spline connections.

ROUND BORE KEYED SHAFT CONNECTIONS. Most standard bore sizes available in imperial and metric sizes to fit standard hydraulic pumps and motors and IEC electric motor shaft standards.

Axial Displacement. The element locates the hub on the shaft however up to +/-2mm axial displacement is tolerated at 1000rpm.
Parallel Offset. Hub face to flange parallel offset to each other should not exceed 2mm across the face
Radial Misalignment. Between 2mm @3000rpm and up to a total of 5mm at 1000rpm

Consult our sales team for speeds exceeding 4000 RPM.

For more information download the page from our catalogue.
DG Coupling.pdf
DYNAGEAR PT5 Catalogue

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