Personnel Axial Fan – Hydraulic Motor Driven

The Personnel Fan is driven by a hydraulic motor and is ideal for providing air ventilation in dusty and challenging environments. The construction has no aluminium, no electrics and an antistatic fan making it suitable for underground mining use or other environments where hazardous rating regulations exist.

• Model MM12.5 Mini Orbit Hydraulic motor fan drive
• Fan has Anti Static Glass Reinforced Polyamide (PAGAS) blades with Steel hub and retainers
• Fan Housing is made of powder coated Zincanneal
• Fan guards are powder coated Zinc plated steel wire

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Personnel Axial Fan – HYDRAULIC Motor Driven.pdf

Three way Oil Thermostatic Valves

During cold start up, total flow is through the by-pass port. Once the fluid temperature reaches the opening point, the valve begins to open and flow to the heat exchanger supply port begins. As the temperature rises the valve shifts further allowing more flow through the heat exchanger supply port and less to the by-pass port. When the fully shifted temperature is reached the valve is fully stroked and all flow is directed to the heat exchanger port.

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Modulating Valves & Bulb Wells For Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Several Sizes Available. These valves regulate the flow of water to the heat exchanger. The valve opens when the temperature increases at the sensing bulb. Cooling rate automatically varies to allow optimum oil temperature to be maintained. Water is conserved by reducing or stopping flow when minimum or no cooling is required.

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Series 443 CAROUSEL filter

Lower cost than imported on-line systems currently available. Use of standard spin on elements slashes maintenance costs. Fast and reliable. Labour saving element replacement method. Only 25% of flow capacity interruption during filter replacement.

Electric Thermostatic Fan Controls

Pictured at left is our 123W wet brass probe type thermostat for heat exchanger or tank port mounting for control of AC or DC electric motors, the JBOX type thermostatic control circuit designed for use with 3 phase electric motors and the low cost 17/DC wet switch relay kit for control of DC voltage fan motors.

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Heat Exchanger Computer Model Selection Program

The latest version of our Dynacool heat exchanger computer selection program now provides quick and accurate selection of most of our standard models of air cooled package exchangers, mobile air cooled and water cooled models. A new easy find instruction manual is now also available.

Click on the link below to contact our sales office for a copy of our latest CD (includes PT5 and DC200 catalogues) – Send me a Heat Exchanger Selection CD

Download a copy of the Dynacool Heat Exchanger Selection Program


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