Motor Pump Package with Explosion proof motor

OurĀ  Motor Pump Package with Explosion proof motor

This is a custom compact and fully set up motor pump package ready to mount. You just bolt it down and connect the plumbing. The Haight pump is driven by a EX-D motor. The motor and pump are connected by an aluminium bell housing and a keyed coupling. Both motor and pump can be easily removed for replacement or maintenance.

Motor – 0.75Kw 6Pole CL”F”EX-D Zone 1, IP66, T4 class
Bell Housing – Aluminium
Foot Bracket – Powder Coated Zinc steel
Oil Pump – Haight 15UR (34cc) with mechanical seal and 4 Bar pressure relief valve
Weight 55kg

If you would like a custom motor pump package similar to this one call our sales team on 0266818800





Motor pump package design

Here at OEM Dynamics we can design and make a custom motor pump package to suit your requirrements. We stock 11 basic Haight pump models with displacements ranging from 3.4 to 179.4 cc per rev. There is an extensive range of electric motors available from our many suppliers. Our Motor pump packages are designed with 4 pole 415 volt AC electric motors ranging from 0.55 kW to 4 kW. Units with 6 or 8 pole motors can also be supplied on request as well as single phase 4 or 6 pole motors in sizes to 2.2kW.

The standard motor rating is IP55 class F insulation. Motors with special specifications can also be supplied (eg flameproof).
CAD DXF drawing available on request.

Haight pump information


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