Material is EN36A or 8620 alloy steel with splined end fully hardened. Buttress end is left as soft as possible for later machining and welding. Machining is held true on all surfaces for setup. Ideal for use with precision splined hubs for manufacturing of M & F couplings. Stubwelds may also be used for replacing splined ends of worn shafts or manufacturing splined ends on new shafts.


Machine mated pilot registers and fillets true on both items to be joined. See cutaway sketch and machine same as YES below. Hold firmly under press or between pressed centres. Preheat to electrode suppliers recommendations. Use alternate welding deposits to fully fix parts then fully weld while rotating in horizontal position. Some post heating may be necessary to insure slow cooling. Use only a special purpose electrode such as Staincraft or other comparable brand. Use a spraypack type spatter protection coating on spline area while welding. Check clocking error after welding to test alignment.



Above information is a guide only. Correct welding and machining operations are entirely the responsibility of the user. Federal or State Occupational Safety Regulations relating to circumferential shaft welding should be observed where applicable.