Durst Multiple Hydraulic Pump Drives


Durst has developed a family of gear drive products for use with hydraulic pumps and motors. These drives are available for mounting SAE standard hydraulic flanges and pump or motor shaft configurations directly to the gear drive unit. Models are available to mount directly to SAE flywheel housings, with or without clutches or can be driven through independent mounting arrangements.

Features and Benefits

  • MODULAR DESIGN – bearings and gears are self-contained within the housings. Input and output adaptors are not required to retain the bearings. Input and output adaptors can be added or changed anytime prior to unit installation.
  • SOS SPUR GEARS – (solid-on-shaft) one-piece gear/shaft design provides consistent and uniform alignment. Reduces the total number of parts. Bearings pressed on gears simplify assembly.
  • SIMPLER TO SERVICE – does not require pressing shafts into bearings and gears through the housings. Ball bearings do not require shimming or special adjustment of pump pads and input adapters.
  • FEWER PARTS – adapter groups are reduced to a single set of input housings and output pads for the entire product line. Gears (31 total) are interchangeable across different models.
  • WET SPLINE – oil passages built into the housings, along with the bearing design, create constant oil flow across splines and through bearings, resulting in longer, trouble-free operation.
  • DROP-IN REPLACEMENT – footprint is interchangeable with present pump drives and with the competition.
  • HIGHER RATING – gear geometry and large ball bearings result in a higher horsepower rating over the present product line.
  • SHORT LEAD TIME – large inventory range held in Australia allows quick turnaround of orders.

Engineered Specials

OEM Dynamics stock an extensive range of Durst Next Generation Hydraulic Pump Drives, while also offering Custom Engineered Solutions to compliment standard Durst Pump Drive unit configurations. Whether you need to mount a non-SAE standard hydraulic pump, fit special input/output shafts or couplings, fit hydraulic pumps or shafts on either side of the Pump Drive Unit or install a recirculating lubrication pump, filter and oil cooler, we can help. From the smallest modification to a complete system, we can analyse, improve, and design it using the latest computer-assisted design hardware. Our experienced in-house mechanical engineering, design and manufacturing team utilize CAD, 3D Engineering Modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) programs.

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