Clamplock Driveline Companion Flanges and Yokes


SPLINED CLAMPLOCK TYPE YOKES – Specially developed for positive connection of driveline to splined hydraulic pump shafts. CLAMPLOCK yokes are available to fit SAE or metric hydraulic pumps or motor spline types found on mobile equipment. The double bolt split clamp design locks solid on to splines giving long trouble free life. CLAMPLOCK yokes are manufactured from steel to a high degree of precision, accuracy and strength.

ROUND BORE KEYED SHAFT COMPANION FLANGES – All steel construction featuring keyway and 2 set screws. Types shown are standard stock lines for 1310, 1350 and 1410 drivelines. Four hole companion flange fits Spicer type flange yokes. We can produce special sizes to order if quantities are sufficient for production requirements.

SPLINED CLAMPLOCK TYPE UNIVERSAL JOINT COMPANION FLANGES – Positive locking and positioning of drivelines to splined shafts on hydraulic pumps for 1310, 1350 1410 1480 and 1550 driveline PTO drives on mobile equipment such as Concrete Transit Mixers, Cranes, Harvesters, Dump Trucks, Tractors etc. Four hole companion flange fits Spicer type flange yokes. May be manufactured to fit other flange yokes if required. Available to suit most common hydraulic pumps. Also available with agricultural splines.

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