Air Cooler Heat Exchangers With Oil Bypass

Our Versacool range is now more versatile.

Over the last 12 months we have been developing a thermal and pressure bypass for our already popular Versacool Oil Coolers. Now in addition to the many mounting and motor options you can now also add a thermal and pressure bypass.

In consultation with our customers we have designed a system that will not compromise our cooler performance and has the following features and benefits –

  • The thermal bypass diverts cold oil around the core reducing system pressure and allows the oil to reach optimum temperature sooner. Once warm, the thermal bypass closes and the pressure bypass provides relief if the pressure setting is reached.
  • Bolt on design with new style heat exchanger core
  • No loss of core area like some competitors designs
  • Can be placed on either side to suit operational requirements
  • Can be fitted in the field with a suitably equipped core.
  • Fits VC4-7 range with all parts standard across the
    range (cross tube length varies with model)
  • Economical, corrosion resistant materials, primarily aluminium alloys.
  • Engineered ‘O’ ring seals at all joints
  • Core and bypass assembly can be retrofitted to older style VC4 -7 heat exchanger case assemblies


Optionally you can order the bypass as a pressure or temperature only valve.

Local manufacture offers our customers the opportunity to obtain parts and service when needed and to be able to readily obtain technical assistance from the people who design and build the product.

Contact our sales team for more information and ordering.
Download Bypass Model List


new core with bypassVCL4XAC50B504 (1)

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